Posted by: SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA | 23 Jul 2013

How uncommonly generous.

Every once in a while you read something that makes you seethe.

In a generous display of clemency a woman from Norway is being pardoned by Dubai for being raped.  How special.  What generosity!  What mercy!

Actually, shitheads, you are doing what you should have done in the first place, what should have been the default which is not to hold someone responsible for an act they did not commit.

This woman was the victim of a thug, and can bear no guilt for something he did.  It’s a basic principle of ethics that you can only be held morally responsible for things you have control over, yet someone else rapes this woman and she is guilty of sex outside of marriage.  Even if I were to concede that this is a crime (and it’s not) she didn’t choose to commit it.

Oh I forgot.  Women are to be held responsible for every out-of-control-with-lust male they encounter; they provoked it.  I am not sure if that attitude is more insulting to the woman or the man.  Though frankly it makes no difference.  You are fucked up beyond belief to think this way.

This sort of thing is why the West thinks Arabia is a primitive shithole; even an affluent country like yours acts like a bunch of tribal barbarians.

Maybe your peninsula will eventually catch up to the nineteenth century some day.  Too much to hope it will ever be worthy of the twenty first.

PS CNN covered this, Fox did not (though one would think Fox would cover bad stuff about the Islamic areas of the world).  It pays to check out both sites (especially when Fox covers stuff CNN won’t touch).



  1. It is good to hear she is being released. I actually found it odd that they would keep her in jail for an offense committed against her! How crazy to people have to be to realize they are acting agaisnt rules of natural justice

  2. One thing left out of this great piece: the rapist scum got off scot-free

    • I’ll admit that as I wrote this, complete with all the profanity and evaluations, I figured someone might complain I am not being very analytical (see some of the responses to my “letters to Christians”) and that the insults I levied on people somehow invalidate the analysis I did beforehand that justified the insults. But I was too furious at these self-righteous carpet-smacking neanderthals to care.

      Hearing that the rapist got off scot free just doubles my anger.

      Folks, I expect someday to hear an argument from some multiculturalist that we shouldn’t make a judgement against other cultures and their values. If that multiculturalist is willing to turn a blind eye to something as objectively unjust as this, he is just as bad as they are.


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