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Surprise! Muslims Rioting

Well, it looks like religious nutjobs are at it again.

This time it’s Muslims.

Rioting and murdering is taking place over the accidental burning of Korans.  And it’s not a bunch of terrorists like al-Qaeda.  These are mainstream Muslims.

Killing over a book.  And we are supposed to just shrug it off and consider this to be normal behavior.  I have my disagreements with Christians, of course, but I know that if this sort of riot happened here in the US, over the accidental burning of Bibles, we’d never hear the end of it; it would never be considered acceptable behavior; it would never be shrugged off with “what do you expect?”

Instead our president apologizes to Afghanistan, because the Korans were confiscated from a jail.  The prisoners were writing each other messages in the books.  They were put in a pile of stuff to be taken away, but somehow, they ended up in a pile of trash that was to be burned.  When the people in charge of incinerating the trash realized what they had done, they tried to retrieve the Korans from the fire.  That’s as accidental as it gets.  And yet this is considered a valid excuse for Muslims to go on a riotous, murderous rampage over desecration.  Never mind the fact that the prisoners had already desecrated the books by writing in them!

When are we going to quit coddling barbarism just because it is Muslim barbarism?  We’ve had rioting in Europe over the Danish cartoons.  We are expected to bend over backwards and restrict freedom of speech for fear of offending people whose hobby is to be outraged–and we must never do that.

EDIT:  I decided I wasn’t happy with the original concluding paragraph, so what follows is the modified conclusion.

I’ve heard claims that this rioting is really an expression of displeasure at the American presence in Afghanistan.  Well that may or may not be true.  If it is, I might be sympathetic.  But they aren’t saying that’s what it is, and I prefer to take them at their word.  Why?  Let’s assume for the sake of argument that they aren’t really this unhappy about the Korans, they are just using it as an excuse to demonstrate against the occupation.  They get less sympathy from westerners–including Americans–who might actually influence things, by using this excuse than they would if they were up-front about their real complaint.  Surely they realize this, and would not make this mistake.  Ergo, their real complaint is about the Korans being desecrated by Americans.

[19 March 2012 note:  I have more to say about this here.]

I have to wonder why we are going to so much trouble and expense to rebuild a country like this.  I think we should get out.  I certainly don’t think we should be spending this kind of money on a society that is so dysfunctional, it’s normal to riot over books.



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  2. Well that’s an interesting article. There’s certainly a justifiable lot to bitch about, the way big financial institutions can go bankrupt and get bailed out. (My full take on the issue, and how to apportion blame [hint: I think it goes to more than just one place, though the place you named certainly gets a sizeable chunk] is probably a bit different from yours, but that’s OT.)

    But I don’t see what Muslims murdering over the “desecration” of their holy book has to do with the rioting you are warning about, so I am not sure why you linked to this post.

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    • Another article talking about something else entirely, linking to this one.

  4. I’m not exactly sure how the links posted in the comments related to your article about muslim rioting, with inciting people to riot over corruption either.
    Not that I disagree with what he was saying, just an odd juxtaposition to your article.

    Anyway, I wonder how much the apparent religious rioting is caused by desperation caused by poverty and violence. Or how much religious propaganda plays on the fears of desperate people. The global food shortages, economic sanctions, and leading dangerous and fearful lives tend to make a population angry and dangerous. Not to mention the torrent of cases of invading soldiers in the middle east killing women and children. I’m definitely not condoning the misplacement of anger, but many in the middle east have a good reason to be angry. That amount of anger and fear is a powerful tool in the hands of those with religious/manipulative agendas (think pre-war nazi germany).

    • I think what happened was they wrote a post about rioting and just linked to anything else they could find with the same word in its title.

      I agree that unhappiness over other things can easily be exploited by imams, et. al. But as I said in my post script I tend to take these rioters at their word–they said they were pissed off about Korans. If they were to complain about what you allege to be what was really bothering them, they’d get a much more sympathetic hearing. And they would know this, and not bring up the Koran issue. So I conclude that they are either real idiots, or it really is the burning of Korans that has them upset enough to kill people.

      One thing that some people on the liberal/left/progressive side of the spectrum seem to have trouble grasping is that these people _really believe_ this stuff and they believe it is far more important than their current earthly circumstances.

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